Cindy Marchitelli, Paul Pheneger, Peggy Smith
onald “Mick” Marchitelli was born June 5, 1943 in
Niagara Falls, New York, the son of Hercule and
Marian Marchitelli. He worked as a mechanic in
New York, Connecticut, and later in Wyoming, where he
spent the majority of his life. He owned Mobile Mechanic
in Laramie and enjoyed working at the University of
Wyoming during the last ten years of his life.
He had numerous hobbies and interests. He was an
amateur radio operator for more than 40 years. He was
an accomplished falconer and rehabilitated raptors for
the Wyoming Fish and Game Department. He was an
award winning pigeon racer, show breeder of a variety of
rabbits, a little league coach, a licensed private pilot and
plane owner and an avid history buff.
He read Louie L’Amour books and wanted to live among
the cowboys. He had wanted to move to England but his
dog would have to have been quarantined. He thought
about Alaska but didn’t have the money to get there. So,
he built a trailer that said “Wyoming or bust” and headed
west with Cindy, two children and a dog. After a stop in
Cheyenne, they loved Laramie.
He met some folks doing raptor rehabilitation at the
university and his ongoing interest in birds took off.
He became a rehabilitator, took his falconry exam and
began his love affair in earnest. He took no money. For
over 30 years, he was an active raptor enthusiast, quick to
comment on regulatory changes which affected falconry
and conservation of birds of prey. His outstanding service
in raptor rescue and rehabilitation was recognized by
Wyoming Fish and Game.
Mick was survived by his loving wife, Cynthia (Cindy),
and two children, Michael and Rita, their spouses and
eight grandchildren.
Mick was an accomplished falconer and
rehabilitated raptors for the Wyoming
Fish and Game Department.
Mick (and Cindy)
donated uncounted
hours to nuturing
and doctoring birds
that had a chance of
flying again.
-Sharon Anderson,
Wyoming Fish & Game
©Archives of Falconry
Mick had numerous hobbies and interests that
included flying planes, coaching Little League, racing
pigeons, and reading history, to name a few.
©Archives of Falconry