Great Lakes Falconers Association, Martin Lewandowski,
John and Vicki Swift
Richard (Dick) Sloan
— by Bob Collins
Dick Sloan was born in Chicago, Illinois. He was
among the rst members of the Great Lakes
Falconers Association. At 15, he studied at the
American Academy of Art in Chicago as its young-
est full-time student. He worked as a keeper and
wildlife illustrator at the Lincoln Park Zoo. His work
as an animal man became a passion second only
to his nature art. Possibly unique among great wild-
life artists, he understands wild animals in captiv-
ity as well as in their natural state. His 1965 one
man show “The Birds of Falconry” at Chicago’s
Abercrombie and Fitch was a sellout success.
After that, Dick left the zoo and began a career as
a full-time wildlife artist. He traveled extensively
to the world’s rainforests. Their protection was his
passion. He was widely regarded as the “Dean of
Rainforest Painters”. His paintings have been fea-
tured in National Wildlife Magazine, exhibited at the
American Museum of Natural History, the Carnegie
Museum, The Royal Scottish Academy, National
Geographic Society, The British Museum of Natural
History and many others. He was a longtime mem-
ber of the Society of Animal Artists, listed in “Who’s
Who in American Art”, “Artists of Renown”, and “The
Dictionary of International Biography”. His work was
rst published as limited edition prints in 1968 and
since then, thousands of his prints have been sold.
He created 42 paintings for the “Raptors of Arizona”
which was published by the University of Arizona
and Arizona Department of Fish and Game.
Dick was a frequent contributor to falconry publica-
tions, including NAFA and GLFA. He was the artist
for NAFA’s rst meet print, a peregrine taking a duck,
in 1979 at Lebannon, Indiana. His Tundra Peregrine
“On the Beach” and white gyr with a willow ptarmi-
gan “Icy Stillness” are highly collectible prints among
falconers. He has been lmed at work in his studio
by the BBC for a television production, and his work
is included in the collections of the Smithsonian
Institution, the Denver Museum of Natural History,
the Mississippi State Wildlife Museum, and the
Georgia Museum of Natural History.
Icy Stillness
On the Beach
NAFA’s rst meet print, a peregrine taking a Bufehead duck, in 1979 at Lebannon, Indiana.
The Haunts of the Mayan Gods
1967. Palatine, Illinois
Red-Tailed Hawk Buteo Jamaicensis
Richard Sloan illustrations, published in Richard Glinski, The Raptors of Arizona, 1998.
Top L-to-R: Coopers Hawk, Bald Eagle, Peregrine Falcon
Bottom L-to-C: Harris’ Hawk, Swainson’s Hawk,