For many falconers, their cherished books are second only to the birds themselves. We share this sentiment and aspire to build a comprehensive library. The Archives of Falconry has one of the largest and most complete collection of English language falconry books in the world. In addition to collecting books, we have also contributed a few influential publications of our own available for sale.

During a recent reorganization we discovered a limited supply of Archive’s publications that we can now return to market. Now you can purchase Subscriber Editions and Publishers Proofs of these publications directly from us. Supplies are extremely limited and when these sell out, they are gone.

In the course of our collection work we occasionally have duplicate, non-accessioned books available for auction. Our periodic falconry book auctions contain many sought after used falconry books and, sometimes, rare Patron Editions of Archives publications. Bidding for these extreme rarities can be fierce. The 2023 Collector's Book Auction is now closed. Check back in for updates on the 2024 auction dates. Explore the 2023.

Publications of The Archives of Falconry